Shenzhen World is fully equipped with all sorts of catering facilities which cover an area of 51,000㎡ (kitchen area 25,000㎡) and safeguard safe and healthy provision of delicious food in Chinese, western and halal styles. Diversified services from coffee breaks to fast food and exquisite banquet cuisines can all be expertly accommodated here.

F&B in exhibition halls:on L3 of Hall 1-17;

Grab-n-Go in exhibition halls:on L2 of Hall 1-17;

Restaurants:Chinese, Western and Halal restaurants, Food Loft and private dinning rooms on L3 of 2 Lobbies;

Lounge or VIP rooms:1 VIP Lounge on L3 of Hall 18; 1 Lounge and 8 VIP boxes on L3 of Hall 20; 1 VIP Lounge on L2 of 2 Lobbies East;

Casual Dining:2 food franchises on L1 and L2 of Hall 20; 20+ food franchises or Cafés on L1 of Central Corridor;

Ballrooms:South Ballroom on L2 of South Lobby West; North Ballroom on L1 of Hall 18.


HJT Expo (Shanghai) Co., LTD

Founded in 2011, HJT EXPO is China's outstanding exhibition and conference organizer. The company focuses on the professional exhibition and conference in the subdivision field, and is committed to providing the most professional exhibition service platform for the subdivision field, creating value for the industry from the most professional perspective.

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