What is the TBP(Targeted Buyer Program) VIP?

A TBP VIP is a senior corporate executive professionals within the industry who visits CIBRUSH with definite purchasing intent or a pre-defined procurement plan.
The Match-making Service is specially designed to match VIPs with the target exhibitors, and they can have one-on-one business talks during CIBRUSH.
The Match-making Service builds the most accurate and fast communication bridge for purchasers and exhibitors. TBP VIPs can enjoy a variety of high-end services and get the latest brush industry development information, which is the best choice for quickly selecting products, meeting new partners, opening up new markets and promoting company and brand image.

As a TBP VIP you can enjoy

  • Free Ticket
  • Free Lunch
  • The Exhibition Catalogue
  • Exquisite business gifts
  • Live Matchmaking
  • Free Professional Forum

How to join?

If you are from finished brush manufacturers like industrial brushes (dust brush, polishing brush, industrial cleaning brushes, grinding brush...) manufacturers, daily brushes(household cleaning brush, paint brush, beauty brush, tooth brush, artist brush...) manufacturers, or from finished brush application industries, such as store, supermarket, sanitation, steel, electronics, auto parts engines, elevators, glass, stone, woodworking, ceramics, printing, dyeing... have the right to make purchasing decisions or meet the following related positions:

Chairman | GM | Purchasing Manager | R&D Director | Technical Director| Design Leader | Technical Leader

If you are interested in CIBRUSH guest buyer program

Please leave the following contact information, we will contact you as soon as possible after the project started, thank you for your support!

Contact us join TBP

Ms. Xia
Tel: +86 - 10 - 5867 8210
Show Time:
05-07 Dec. 2021
Exhibition Venue:
SNIEC-Shanghai · China