Exhibitors' Feedback

  • Mingsong Wang GM
    Dupont Filaments
    Dupont is the earliest nylon monofilament manufacturer in the world, we are honored to be invited to exhibit in CIBRUSH for the first time in the name of our nylon manufacturing base in Wuxi——Dupont Xingda ( Wuxi ) Monofilament Co., Ltd. We are very grateful for everything the Organizing Committee had done. We presented two speeches, Dupont Filaments in Industrial Applications and Dupont Functional Filaments, for our clients or potential clients as well as the vast number of visitors during the show, which were well received by everyone. We also try to clarify to all visitors the fact that not all nylon filaments are called DuPont Filaments. Our colleagues are deeply impressed by this exhibition, such as the number of exhibitors, the size of the venue, the number of visitors, especially the nationality of overseas visitors…We sincerely hope that CIBRUSH will be better and bigger, welcome more overseas merchants!
  • Wang Yong GM
    Yangzhou Haixing CNC Brush Control Equipment Co., Ltd
    The launch of CIBRUSH represented a milestone in Brush Industry. We deeply realized the efforts of CIBRUSH Organizer from the shyness of its first session (CIBRUSH2016) to the progress of the second (CIBRUSH2018) mature. CIBRUSH brings the Chinese brush industry closer to the international one, it is indispensable to the Chinese brush industry. Hope that CIBRUSH will have larger scale and be more refined in the future, attracting more domestic and foreign exhibitors and professional visitors, grow into an internationally renowned and indispensable professional industry event!
  • Kuang Li GM
    Borghi Machinery(Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
    As the only exhibition in China that focuses on brush industry, CIBRUSH has created a precedent, established a very good platform for the vast number of domestic counterparts displaying and networking, expanded the global influence of Chinese brush makers. With sufficient preparation, effective organization, smooth communication and good management, the organizer of the exhibition has created a good exhibiting and visiting environment for exhibitors and visitors. It is believed that it will surely promote the rapid change and development of Chinese brush industry. Hope CIBRUSH will be better and better!
  • Xu Wuhui Marketing Manager
    Cixi City Jingcheng Mould Co., Ltd
    Thanks to CIBRUSH for providing such a professional platform. Visitors’ demands are relatively concentrated, which allows exhibitors to make professional output effectively during the limited exhibition time and achieve better exhibiting effect. Thanks to CIBRUSH global promotion team for having attracted excellent overseas visitors for the show.
  • Lai Zhiping Sales Manager
    Brush Co., Ltd. Ningbo Xing BAUER
    CIBRUSH2018 is a grand event of brush making industry, it builds a good communication and procurement platform for industrial brush customers and manufacturers. Thanks to the efforts of Beijing HJT International Exhibition Co., LTD. (CIBRUSH Organizing Committee).
  • Wang Jian GM
    Taizhou Luqiao Hongyue Machinery Co., Ltd.
    Hongyue has participated in CIBRUSH for the second time. The scale of CIBRUSH2018 has been greatly expanded compared with the previous one, the grades have also been upgraded, the exhibitors' products are more diversified, our cooperation with the organizers is also very enjoyable. This exhibit is also a concentrated display of Hongyue's solutions in the field of brush making. May the influence of CIBRUSH continue to grow!
  • Xia Lijun Sales Manager
    Shanghai Like Brush Co., Ltd.
    CIBRUSH is one of the important platforms for us to display our products and corporate image to domestic and foreign customers. There are a large number of marketing channels and partners. The success and development of LIKE is inseparable from the professional services of CIBRUSH. Wish CIBRUSH will be better and better!
  • Yu Yanbo Marketing Director
    BBC is a Korea mainly-based manufacturer, this is the first time we exhibit in CIBRUSH. Though CIBRUSH is not large for the moment, the quality is very high and the audience is so professional. Hope CIBRUSH can grow to a Larger scale in the future. Hope CIBRUSH will grow larger in the future.
  • Tao Weihua Director
    Hometown of Chinese makeup brushes·Luyi County, Henan Province
    Luyi County, as the hometown of Chinese makeup brushes, organized 22 companies participated in CIBRUSH2018. CIBRUSH is a very professional international brush exhibition, attracted a great number of domestic and international brush industry related people as well as many well-known brush marketers. Through CIBRUSH, Our Luyi makeup brush enterprises got a lot of high-end intention client. In the next session, we will organize more makeup brush companies to the show, providing better cosmetic brush products and services for China and even the world.
  • Yao Meiyan Sales
    Canton Mingwang Synthetic Fiber Factory
    CIBRUSH venue is clean, gorgeous, and orderly! The overall effect of CIBRUSH is good. Meeting many potential customers, we gain a lot. CIBRUSH is an exhibition with high cost performance!
  • Zhao Mingyu GM
    Jusou nylon silk products Co., Ltd.
    Congratulations to the organizers for successfully holding two sessions of International Brush Industry Exhibitions, and setting up a good trading and networking platform for global brush industry manufacturers. We have exhibited twice in CIBRUSH and benefit a lot from it, not only demonstrated the elegant demeanour and strength of our company, but also met many industry friends at home and abroad, making our company keep pace with the development pulse of the industry and comply with the changes and demands of the market, which is a solid step forward. Our company will continue supporting CIBRUSH Organizer in an all-round way in the future to make this industry event more professional and international. We are willing to grow together with the Chinese brush industry, making it more internationally recognized and influential!
  • Luo Wenzhong GM
    Huangyan Zhongxin Plastic Co., Ltd.
    This is our second time attending CIBRUSH and we feel very good! Thanks very much to CIBRUSH exhibition platform for continuously allowing us to display excellent products and R&D capabilities, publicize the development direction of the enterprise, and increase the communication and cooperation with customers. Meanwhile, thanks to the professional services of CIBRUSH, LHT will grow and develop together with you. Looking forward to CIBRUSH 2020!
  • Li Xufeng GM
    Jiangsu Ask Technology Co., Ltd
    CIBRUSH is an excellent show in large scale and with good exhibits. The exhibition helps our company stand out in the market, we are very grateful and like this exhibition.
  • Chen Baili Business Manager
    Yongkang Jujian Brush Co., Ltd.
    Overall, the show is good, our brush industry finally has its own professional platform. The guests who visit the show are very professional. Since the exhibition has only been held for two sessions, there is still a lot of room for improvement, let's wait and see. May our brush show is getting better and better!

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