CIBRUSH 2016 Organizing Committee trip to Chinese brush making companies report--Qianshan town, Anhui Province.

Previous Review     2017.04.06

On October 27-28, CIBRUSH 2016 Organizing Committee, China Light Industry Council and China Sundry Articles Industry Association visited Qianshan country, Anhui province. On this trip to “China Brush Making Base”, We received warm welcome from the Qianshan country government, Yuantan town government and the chamber of commerce. On October 27 afternoon, we visited several top brush making companies, such as YOUCHUAN, HUANMEI, LIULIN, HENGCHANG, TIANRUI, etc.

The companies directors showed us the producing departments, introduced their current situation and market shares. Meanwhile, we discussed deeply with them on the equipment, technologies, raw materials and sourcing, shared advises with them for brush making.

During the tip, CIBRUSH 2016 Organizing Committee learned a lot about the equipment and raw materials investment. Then the organizing committee talked with the officials about the up-gradation of the brush making industry.


Base on the trip , we gained more info about the current situation of the brush industry in Qianshan, also achieved two purposes:

1,  CIBRUSH 2016 Organizing Committee introduced the show to the officials of Qianshan country government, Yuantan town government and the chamber of commerce. The officials ranked the show highly and they showed their interest in this exhibition. They also expressed that they will take part in this show at September 20-22, 2016 in Shanghai.

2, Base on the trip, we got to know the demand for producing machines and raw materials of the brush companies. These information leads us to invite proper and suitable exhibitors and visitors.

Introduction on the development of brush making industry in Qianshan country.


Yuantan town, Qianshan country is famous for its industry bases, known as “China Brush Making Base”. Yuantan is well known overseas for its output of industrial brushes, environmental sanitary brushes, civil brushes. In 2014, total industrial output value achieves 6.36 billion RMB, brush making industrial output value achieves 5 billion RMB, with an 25% increase. Till today, there are 1,086 brush making companies in Yuantan town, self-employed households exceeds 2,000, general taxpayer exceeds 200, enterprises in scale is 42, with total employees 25,000. It is expected that the turnover will be 6 billion RMB in year 2015, with 8 more enterprise in scale. Yuantan Economic Technical Development Zone is the first industrial development zone was started at August 2011, with area of 7 Square kilometers. The area focuses on the brush making industry, gathers the brush making materials productions, R&D,sales,information,logistics and training, according to the principle of “Base on brush industry, develop brush industry, exceed brush industry”. 115 companies have entered in the zone, 85 companies are brush making companies, produce rollings, disc brushes, strip brushes,spring


brushes, slice brushes, environmental sanitary brushes, civil brushes. In 2014, the zone has 5.25 billion RMB turnovers, 32% increase compare with last year, fixed assets investment is 930 million RMB, with 16,000 employees. Now you will see the distribution pattern as “2-horizontal and 6-vertical pattern”.

Association’s officials were hearing the introduction on the patented brush products
Association’s officials were hearing the introduction on the patented brush products.
General Manager of a brush making company were introducing the products.
An automatic brush making producing line imported from Germany .
C.P. NCM machines are used frequently in Qianshan country.