Postponed: CIBRUSH to be held on Dec 05-07, 2021

Previous Review     2020.06.19
Dear Exhibitors, Visitors and Partners:

As a global exhibition brand of brush industry, based in Shanghai, China, CIBRUSH serves the entire brush industrial chain globally. Currently, the COVID-19 situation tends to be smooth and stable in China while oversea situation still looks grim. The outbreak of COVID-19 has seriously influenced the global economy and trade activities. Since the globalization of CIBURSH brand is always our priority, Organizing Committee for CIBRUSH assessed the global COVID-19 situation and has decided to postpone CIBRUSH. CIBRUSH will be held in Shanghai on December 05-07, 2021. 

Under this circumstance, in order to better support our exhibitors and visitors, we quickly adjusted our marketing strategy. From now on, we will put a lot of time and effort promoting CIBRUSH in global market, and will pay special attention to the promotion of the “online exhibition hall” function. In this way, we can make full use of online methods and improve brand awareness for both CIBRUSH and our exhibitors. 

As an exhibition brand serving global brush industry, CIBRUSH starts from scratch. We have made tremendous progress together with our partners from brush industry. We apologize for all the inconvenience caused by the delay of CIBRUSH.

The unexpected outbreak of COVID-19 has brought new challenges to the global economy. But we firmly believe that opportunities and challenges coexist. We believe that we have the ability to tide over difficulties with you all and host CIBRUSH successfully!

See you all in Shanghai on December 05-07, 2021!

Organizing Committee for CIBRUSH
Beijing HJT International Exhibition Co., Ltd.
June 19, 2020