Why Exhibit

Global 1# sourcing platform for the entire industry chain of brushes & brush making industry.


Gathering 10000+professional visitorsand nearly 20% are international ones.


Online exhibition dictionary is set, with a visitor & exhibitor communication system, combinethe online and offline platform together. Purchaser can also meet their needs through the online platform.


Industry forums, technical seminars, new products launching conference and other activities are hold during the exhibition, comprehensively promoting the industry development.


You can do marketing promotion through our domestic and International media partners.


79 %+

Domestic professional buyers



20 %

Oversea professional buyers

Professional visitors from:

  • Brush manufacturer
  • Textile
  • Stone Processing
  • Wood
  • Electronics
  • Glass
  • Metal Processing
  • Doors and Windows
  • Industrial Brush OEM
  • Ceramics
  • Leather and Shoemaking Industry
  • Papermaking, Printing

Professional Conference

Current status and future development trend of global brush market

With stricter requirements being imposed on the foam performance in the special fields such as aviation and aerospace and so on, the conditional brush have been unable to meet the special requirements for the materials’ strength, stiffness and heat resistance. High performance, therefore, has become a new direction and a hot spot for brush research. During the exhibition, leading experts in the industry will be invited to share the current status and future development trend of the global brush market.


2021.04.28 10:00

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Benefits for Exhibitors

  • Professional exhibition platform

    Since brush industry is a highly specialized filed, a professional exhibition platform is the best choice for industrial personages. By strengthening the interoperability of industry, we jointly promote the development of brush industry.

  • Fast-growing market

    China has the world's leading market for brush production and its applications, and Interbrush timely provides an extremely good platform for China to connect the other world's companies in the brush industry.

  • Stage for industrial decision makers

    We select and invite global professional buyers and more R&D and procurement decision-makers to visit the exhibition and to ensure that you meet with high-end professionals'face-to-face communication, thus getting the best opportunities.

  • Throughout the entire industrial chain

    Whether you are a manufacturing enterprise or an application enterprise of brushs, you can participate in the exhibition as a professional visitor, as the exhibition covers brush production materials and equipment as well as brush manufacturers throughout the brush industry chain.

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